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1tedjob, a global Practical Business Solutions Company, is happy to bring you 1tedjob.com, a platform where companies and candidates will meet and start successful partnerships.

We are experienced in designing and building tools for attracting and hiring excellent, talented professionals for excellent, strong companies. Applying our tools and competencies, we provide cutting edge solutions for the recruitment process to save our clients time and money.

Here is what 1tedjob has to offer for everyone:

Dear Candidates,

The biggest issue candidates face is capturing the attention of a company in order to show that he or she is the right choice for the position they want to fill. Big companies receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes every month, it is only natural they do not manage to sort through all of them. So how can you make sure your CV gets on the manager's desk?

By accessing our platform, each candidate will have the opportunity to upload their CV and, more importantly, to take several tests that helps them demonstrate their expertise in a convincing manner and add additional information and skills to their resume. If they think that even this is not enough, the candidate has the option to upload a video describing their potential and background in order to level up their chances of being hired.

After completing the tests and uploading all the required information, candidates will benefit from our specially designed search tools that help them navigate through all the listings and reveal the most suitable job offers based on the candidate's profile.

Dear Recruiters,

According to several studies, the cost of hiring a new employee can be as much as 800 euros. This cost arises from headhunting expenses, searches, time wasted on planning, and organizing interviewing sessions and does not include potential losses one might suffer from because of an empty, but important, chair in the office. Sorting through thousands of resumes sent by people who are not even remotely fit for the job can be demoralizing and is definitely a burden on time resources that should be spent on marketing, sales, and development.

Finding the best candidate is not easy. 1tedjob offers you a specialized eye for this job. We've used all our experience and developed a series of tools to bring the candidate you want to your doorstep. With 1tedjob, you as a recruiter will be able to post job offers on our platform, use unique selection tools, including various professional online tests, to evaluate the top 10-12% of candidates that suit your needs, and record video interviews with your prospects before actually inviting them to your office.

All of these mean savings in time, money, and effort while enhancing the quality of the recruitment and selection process.

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